Function parseArgs

  • Provides a higher level API for command-line argument parsing than interacting with process.argv directly. Takes a specification for the expected arguments and returns a structured object with the parsed options and positionals.

    import { parseArgs } from 'node:util';
    const args = ['-f', '--bar', 'b'];
    const options = {
    foo: {
    type: 'boolean',
    short: 'f',
    bar: {
    type: 'string',
    const {
    } = parseArgs({ args, options });
    console.log(values, positionals);
    // Prints: [Object: null prototype] { foo: true, bar: 'b' } []

    Type Parameters

    • T extends ParseArgsConfig


    • Optional config: T

      Used to provide arguments for parsing and to configure the parser. config supports the following properties:

    Returns ParsedResults<T>

    The parsed command line arguments:


    v18.3.0, v16.17.0

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