Call a function and return a fallback value or undefined if it throws.

Cuts out the performance overhead of creating a stack trace, for cases where it won't be used anyway.


import { catcher, catchWrap } from '@isaacs/catcher'
import { functionThatMightThrow } from 'some-module'

const resultOrUndefined = catcher(functionThatMightThrow)
const resultOr99 = catcher(functionThatMightThrow, 99)

const functionThatDoesNotThrow = catchWrap(functionThatMightThrow)
// this returns undefined rather than throwing
const resultOrUndefined = functionThatDoesNotThrow(123)

const return99onFailure = catchWrap(functionThatMightThrow, 99)
const resultOr99 = return99onFailure(234)

Properly supports types for the returned function if the function being wrapped has up to 10 overload signatures, adding the type of the caughtValue (or undefined if not provided) to the return type of each signature. For example:

function x(): boolean
function x(s: string): string
function x(s?: string) {
if (typeof s === 'undefined') return true
else if (typeof s === 'string') return s
else throw new Error('not a string or undefined')

const wrapped = catchWrap(x, 99)
const b = wrapped()
// ^? - boolean | 99
const z = wrapped('y')
// ^? - string | 99

See the typedocs for detailed API info.

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